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Assembled brilliance enables new scientific breakthroughs

At BioArctic we are specialized in the development of drugs for diseases of the brain, and the company’s value creation is based on scientific development of new drug candidates and our ability to commercialize these through collaborations and licensing agreements with international pharma companies.

To create the best possible conditions for achieving our goals, we aim to attract partners with external research groups and global pharma companies that can provide the expertise and resources in pre-clinical and clinical drug development, regulatory activities, production and marketing. Commercial licensing and collaboration agreements can also provide significant operating revenue long before any market introduction of an approved drug takes place.

Approximately 70 people work on research and development at our combined laboratory and head office in Stockholm, with the objective of continually enabling new scientific breakthroughs. In 2021, moreover, efforts to build an in-house sales and marketing organization began ahead of a potential introduction of the company’s most advanced drug candidate, lecanemab, in the Nordic region.