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Our approach to sustainability

BioArctic’s most important contribution to a sustainable future lies in the development of safe and effective drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

To enable this innovation, BioArctic believes that it is essential to be a good employer and conduct responsible research of the

highest quality. The company’s strategy    to collaborate with partners contributes to ensuring that the value of our research reaches even more people and makes our innovations available to patients around the world. BioArctic’s business is characterized by openness, creativity, and respect for the equal value of all people. We summarize these values with the concept of Sustainable Innovation.

To not jeopardize our operations, it is essential that we integrate environmental, economic, and social sustainability at all levels of our operations. We are driven by an ambition to constantly improve our processes, quality systems, and take measures to prevent negative impacts caused by our operations. That we comply with current legislation and show responsibility, is summarized in the concept of Sustainable business.

You can read more about the different aspects of our sustainability work at BioArctic.


Sustainable innovation Sustainable business
Employees & workplace Environmental and climate impact
Research & bioethics Compliance
Patients & Access to Medicine Suppliers
Product safety Human rights

As of 2024, BioArctic is a supporting member of the United Nations Global Compact and we have implemented the Ten Principles in our operations and strategy. The principles cover human rights, labor, environment, and anticorruption and guide us in our strive to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2023.

The sustainable development goal 3: Good health and wellbeing is the goal in which we have the greatest impact. Other goals and targets are also identified.

The company is dedicated to provide more transparent and comprehensive reporting on sustainability. In connection with the our annual and sustainability report for 2023, data will be presented regarding our ESG performance.