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Common vision is the key

BioArctic’s distinct core values and leadership model are an important explanation for why we have been able to successfully establish and deepen our partnerships with external research groups and global pharma companies. The company’s principles of collaboration are built on the belief in the importance of unifying around a vision and common goals, creating and developing a joint work structure, cultivating and retaining mutual trust, and always acting as one team. This optimizes the possibilities of a relationship in which everyone involved can get the best out of the partnership.

“Happy-Happy”-partnering model

The synergy equation of 1+1=3 is an axiom of partnering, implying that the goal is to create value that cannot be achieved alone. At BioArctic, we take this a step further, looking to achieve the state of “happy-happy” with our partners. This very Swedish next generation of the classic win-win focuses on “satisfaction, relationship, the cooperation, and the future.” It is a way of getting to an agreement that is open, transparent, non-competitive, and assumes that each party gets what it wants by helping the other parties to the relationship get what they want. This “give and get logic” is the essence of collaboration; core to how to create, deliver, and capture true value in an alliance.

As a BioArctic project leader explains:

It is important to listen to the partner and understand what they need to get to the happy-happy for the alliance.

Our ability to establish value-generating partnerships is described in two publications: “How partnership should work to bring innovative medicines to patients” (Drug Discovery Today) and “Exemplary Alliance, Ordinary Practices” (The Rhythm of Business).