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Core values that attract skilled and creative employees

BioArctic’s distinct core values and leadership model have made a vital contribution to our successful development. The collaboration among employees at all levels is facilitated by a shared approach, which has also proven valuable in creating and deepening relationships with external parties such as research groups and global pharma companies. We have created a strong ability to attract, recruit, develop and retain skilled and creative employees, which is a condition for being able to develop new innovative drugs that could improve life for patients with central nervous system disorders.

In order to accomplish our vision and mission we encourage a strong culture of curiosity and innovation among our employees and partners. We also strive to be an attractive and leading partner in our research areas for research groups at universities, pharma companies and in health care.

At BioArctic four words summaries our core values

  • Respect – we act respectfully
  • Commitment – we are highly engaged in everything we do
  • Collaboration – we collaborate to achieve our common goals
  • Responsibility – we act responsibly to deliver on time and with high quality and share our knowledge with others

Our strong dedication to the company values helps us execute the strategy in line with our vision and mission.