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Sustainable Innovation

We want to help make neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease treatable and that patients and their loved ones feel hope for the future. This requires innovation along the entire line of pharmaceutical research and development.

To enable this innovation, BioArctic believes that it is essential to be a good employer and conduct responsible research of the highest quality. We collaborate with partners so that our research and our innovations reach patients around the world. BioArctic operates a business that is characterized by openness, creativity, and respect for the equal value of all people. We summarize these values with the concept of Sustainable Innovation.

Employees & Workplace

Since 2023, BioArctic has seen strong growth in the number of employees, and our geographical footprint also expanded when we opened offices across the Nordics, namely Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

Satisfied employees are the basis for great companies. We put a great deal of emphasis on employee satisfaction and conduct employee surveys several times a year to ensure that we are doing the right things. The results of the surveys so far show that we are doing things right.

Diversity contributes to innovation and creativity. BioArctic strives for diversity and a balanced gender distribution at different levels of the company, such as the board of directors, management, managers with personnel responsibility, and within the different parts of the organization. The company has a well-developed and systematic diversity and equality work in place.

Researchers from all over the world are attracted to BioArctic, and the company has employees from 17 countries. BioArctic offers courses in Swedish for employees who do not have Swedish as their native language. The purpose of the training is to facilitate the individuals’ integration into Swedish society and to be able to participate and feel included in contexts where Swedish is spoken at the company.

Being a research-based company, systematic occupational health and safety work has always had an essential role at BioArctic. The work is followed up monthly and integrated in everyday work in the lab, offices and on the field.

BioArctic also wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle and offers activities to promote sustainable employeeship. Our offices are well placed for commuting by bike and employees can lease a company bicycle. We also have several ambassadors who lead internal health and wellness activities such as yoga, running, Tabata, etc.

Research & Bioethics

BioArctic conducts research and preclinical development at its own labs in Stockholm. Clinical and product development is mainly carried out in collaboration with partners and contracted companies. These companies are closely monitored from both quality and sustainability perspectives.

Sharing knowledge and making research readily available can play a significant role in creating a more equitable access to care and health within the areas we conduct research. BioArctic aims to be transparent with the results of our research and clinical development. The company and our employees often participate in scientific meetings and publish peer reviewed articles. BioArctic also has several academic collaborations with universities for both educational and research purposes.

Patients & Access to Medicine

BioArctic focuses on areas with a great medical need. The company’s first drug has recently reached the market, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In our research portfolio, there are additional drug candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases that currently lack effective and curative treatment, such as Parkinson’s disease, ALS, etc.

More than 30 million people live with Alzheimer’s disease today. As the population ages this number is expected to triple by the middle of the century. The disease causes significant suffering for patients and their loved ones, with tremendous costs for society.

Being a small Nordic biotech company, BioArctic has a limited geographical reach which also limits our ability to commercialize and make the drugs that the company researches available to as many patients as possible. To counteract this situation, the company has a stated strategy to collaborate with partners. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, we have a longstanding collaboration with our partner Eisai. This collaboration has made it possible for the drug, based on our research, to now be approved in several markets.

In areas of medicine that have so far only been handled with care interventions there will be a significant need for training. BioArctic is actively involved in making new knowledge and treatment available.

BioArctic supports patient-oriented activities within neurodegenerative disorders. Alzheimer’s Month was highlighted with a comprehensive information campaign on social media. The company’s employees participated in the Alzheimer’s Run to show their support, and during the year, the company has welcomed guests who share their experiences of living with a neurodegenerative disease.

BioArctic ran a comprehensive information campaign on social media during Alzheimer’s Month in November 2023. The campaign included posts about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as information about BioArctic’s research and development efforts in this area. The campaign reached over 1 million people.

BioArctic’s employees participated in the Alzheimer’s Run.
Tomas Baccoccoli has written a brave and moving book about getting to know his father as his father begins to forget who he himself is. BioArctic supports the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, an annual prize awarded to nurses who contribute to innovation in dementia care.

BioArctic’s employees participated in the Alzheimer’s Run.


Tomas Bacoccoli has written a brave and moving book about getting to know his father as his father begins to forget who he himself is. BioArctic supports the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, an annual prize awarded to nurses who contribute to innovation in dementia care.

In 2023, financial support was given to the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, the Alzheimer’s Foundation, and scientific conferences.

Product safety

BioArctic has a quality system that meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It includes regulatory requirements as well as requirements from partners and customers. The purpose of the system is to minimize risks and thereby ensure patient safety, product quality, and reliability of supply. The quality system is governed by the Quality Policy and Quality Manual, as well as several standard procedures, instructions, and documents.

Patient safety is part of the quality work, and it is natural for us to have procedures in place to report side effects and product complaints. The Quality Policy requires that all employees have the appropriate skills and that they are continuously trained and further educated. This competence is documented and followed up on a regular basis.