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The EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) Code constitutes the collection of ethical rules agreed by EFPIA members for the Promotion of Medicinal Products to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the interactions with HCPs, healthcare organizations (HCOs) and patients’ organizations (POs), with the intent of guaranteeing that these activities are conducted while respecting the most stringent ethical principles of professionalism and responsibility.

The EFPIA Code applies to all types of communication and interaction (traditional and digital). The Code embodies the principles that serve to instill a culture of ethics and integrity needed to guide the industry’s interactions with the healthcare and patient community.

As a member of LIF, the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, BioArctic is committed to follow and maintain the EFPIA Disclosure Code, which entails that pharmaceutical companies shall publicly disclose transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.

BioArctic believes that the collaboration with healthcare professionals is important and contributes to the discovery and development of innovative treatments that improve the lives of patients. BioArctic also believes that interactions shall be performed openly and transparently.

Publication of transfers of value are made on the national industry associations websites: