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BioArctic in 15 seconds

BioArctic AB is a Swedish biopharma company with a focus on innovation of drugs that can delay or stop the course of neurodegenerative diseases. The company is behind Leqembi® (lecanemab) – the world’s first fully approved drug that has proven to slow the progression of the disease and reduces cognitive degeneration in early Alzheimer’s disease. Leqembi has been developed in collaboration with BioArctic’s partner Eisai, which is responsible for commercialization and regulatory processes globally. In addition to Leqembi, BioArctic has a broad research portfolio with antibodies against Parkinson’s disease and ALS, as well as additional projects against Alzheimer’s disease. In several of the projects, the company’s proprietary technology platform BrainTransporter™ is used, which helps to improve the transport of antibodies into the brain. The BioArctic share is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap under the symbol BIOA B.

  • 2003

    BioArctic is founded

  • 15

    Research projects

  • 88


Comments from the CEO

“This was a fantastic year for BioArctic. As the first disease-modifying treatment for early Alzheimer’s disease, lecanemab received full approval in the US and Japan, and shortly after the turn of the year also in China. We are now looking forward to more patients around the world having access to this unique Alzheimer drug. The registration process is currently under way in several countries and regions while our partner Eisai is preparing for the submission of more registration applications.”

Gunilla Osswald, CEO BioArctic

BioArctic in numbers 2023

  • 616

    Net revenue, SEK M

  • 253

    Operating profit, SEK M

  • 1112

    Cash and cash equivalents and current investments, SEK M

  • 41.0

    Operating margin, %

  • 229

    Profit/loss for the year, SEK M

  • 88.2

    Equity/asset ratio, %


A world in which we successfully stop the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.


Together, we generate, develop, and provide drugs of the future for patients with severe neurodegenerative diseases and other conditions with significant medical needs.

Business concept

  • Through pioneering research, BioArctic generates and develops biological drugs for patients with neurodegenerative diseases
  • BioArctic shall create revenue and increase the value of the company by licensing or commercializing proprietary drugs

Our research

Misfolded proteins cause serious disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and ALS in the central nervous system. BioArctic’s research and development are focused on developing innovative drugs that help the body remove accumulations of misfolded protein aggregates in the central nervous system and thus affect the underlying disease. Our researchers are continually engaged in identifying new targets where the company’s capacity for developing innovative and selective antibodies can make a difference for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease

BioArctic’s drug lecanemab is the first fully approved drug for early Alzheimer’s disease that slows or stops the progress of the disease and reduces cognitive degeneration. In 2023 lecanemab was approved as a treatment in the US and Japan and in early 2024 also in China. Lecanemab is approved in the US, Japan and China under the brand name Leqembi. Applications for market approval have been submitted in many other markets. BioArctic’s researchers are now working on several preclinical projects with differentiated antibodies against Alzheimer’s disease with the goal of continuing to improve the lives of patients and their relatives.

Parkinson’s disease

BioArctic has developed a portfolio of potential disease-modifying antibodies against misfolded alpha-synuclein, which is the protein that causes Parkinson’s disease.


BioArctic is conducting two development projects with the goal to produce a drug that treats the underlying cause of ALS, thereby slowing the progress of the disease.


BioArctic’s BrainTransporter technology has the potential to strengthen the efficacy of biological drugs against diseases in the brain by increasing the transport of antibodies across the blood-brain barrier, which could potentially lead to a more effective treatment while decreasing the side effects.


After approval of lecanemab in the US in 2023, the drug has also been approved in Japan and China. Additional applications are ongoing in several markets and regions. BioArctic’s royalty revenue is increasing in pace with more patients having access to the treatment. At the same time, the company is preparing a launch in the Nordic region in partnership with Eisai. The joint commercialization plan is based, among other things, on the lessons learned from the launches in the US and Japan that are already under way.


BioArctic’s most important contribution to a sustainable future is innovation and development of safe and effective drugs against diseases that affect the brain. To facilitate that, the company needs to pursue responsible research of the highest quality, which in turn requires the company to be a serious and attractive employer for its employees. BioArctic also endeavors to integrate economic and environmental sustainability at all levels in its operations for the purpose of meeting the requirements in the legislation that will apply to the field of sustainability in the near future.

Six reasons to invest in BioArctic

  1. Increasing numbers of patients around the world are gaining access to the Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab
  2. Potential for treatment of Alzheimer’s in earlier stages of the disease progression, and new subcutaneous formulation
  3. Exidavnemab on the way to clinical Phase 2 study in Parkinson’s disease
  4. World-class innovative research with focus on diseases with significant medical need
  5. Strong financial position and long-term revenue generation
  6. Well anchored values, leadership model and sustainability initiatives

Share development for BioArctic in 2023

The BioArctic share is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap under the symbol BIOA B. The company’s market value at year end totaled SEK 23.6 billion. The highest price paid – SEK 377.80 – was noted on June 12, 2023, and the lowest price – SEK 213.00 – was noted on November 8, 2023. At year-end, BioArctic had 20,697 shareholders (14, 840).