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Creating value with the best minds

An important part of BioArctic’s strategy is partnership and licensing agreements with leading pharma and biopharma companies. In addition to financial compensation, we benefit from the companies’ competence in developing, manufacturing and commercializing drugs. We have signed several agreements with the global Japanese pharma company Eisai. Strategic partnerships of this nature, with leading global companies, confirms the high degree of quality in BioArctic’s research.

In the future, BioArctic may sign additional agreements that could contribute further funding to the company, as well as complementary competencies in pre-clinical research and clinical development, competence in manufacturing and marketing, geographical breadth, and other resources. Close collaborations with universities are another important cornerstone to us. We currently collaborate with leading researchers at a number of the world’s leading research institutions.

Partnership with Eisai

In 2005, we signed our first research collaboration with Eisai, and in 2007 we signed a license agreement concerning the antibody Lecanemab back-up, as a disease modifying treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. As part of the agreement, we were granted the use of a global and exclusive license to Eisai for research, development and commercialization of drugs that use the antibody lecanemab. In 2008, we entered a second research collaboration concerning back-up antibody Lecanemab back-up, and in 2015 we signed a license agreement concerning Lecanemab back-up, a follow-up project to Lecanemab back-up.

Eisai is responsible for the clinical development, applications for market approval and commercialization of the future products. BioArctic holds rights to commercialize the licensed antibodies in the Nordic region and the rights to treatment of indications other than Alzheimer’s disease. We have signed a number of agreements with Eisai totaling a potential value of over MEUR 220 plus royalties.

In April 2024 BioArctic and Eisai entered into a research evaluation agreement regarding BAN2802, a potential new treatment combining BioArctic’s proprietary BrainTransporter™ technology with an undisclosed Alzheimer drug candidate. At the end of the collaboration, Eisai will evaluate the data generated and decide if they chose to exercise an option to license BAN2802 for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Other partnerships

BioArctic is additionally collaborating with several Swedish universitites and other foreign actors. We work closely with Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet and Gothenburgs University.