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Policy structure

The following policies are relevant to BioArctic’s sustainability work. The policies are aligned with international standards and best practices.


Anti-corruption policy

Framework for preventing all forms of corruption.
Animal welfare policy Guidance on animal welfare principles in studies involving laboratory animals.
Code of conduct Provide BioArctic employees with guidance in their daily work based on the company’s core values of respect, engagement, collaboration, and responsibility.
Diversity and equal opportunities policy Actively counteracting discrimination and promoting equal rights and opportunities.
Information security policy Minimizing operational risks associated with information relating to people, processes, and systems
Occupational health and safety policy Maintaining a good physical and psychosocial working environment.
Rehabilitation policy Helping sick and injured employees to regain the best possible functional ability and the prerequisites for a normal working life.
Sustainability policy Framework for sustainability work at all levels, with a focus on employeeship, resource utilization, and compliance.
Whistleblowing policy Maintaining an open corporate climate, high business ethics, and the ability to see opportunities for improvement.

Human rights

BioArctic is committed to supporting and respecting internationally declared human rights. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of forced labor, slavery, trafficking, and child labor. All BioArctic employees have the right to form, join, or refrain from joining trade unions. This is stated in the company’s code of conduct. The company also expects the above-mentioned principles from suppliers and other third parties.